Interview: PropsAMC is not just another property site! CEO explains how it makes real estate management easy

Interview: PropsAMC is not just another property site! CEO explains how it makes real estate management easy

Interview: PropsAMC is not just another property site! CEO explains how it makes real estate management easy

Gone are the days when managing real estate property used to be handled individually, or by families. Nowadays, real estate asset management has become a complex task, especially for those owning multiple properties. Thanks to technology, however, the complex task can be made easy. PropsAMC provides one such digital platform which can be an immense help for large real estate asset owners. The digital platform is trying to transform how people manage and transact real estate assets by providing deep insights on a single and intuitive platform. In an e-mail interview with Zee Business Online, PropsAMC CEO  Anand Moorthy explains about the platform, how it is different from other property websites, the scope of real estate asset management and more.

Traditionally people have managed their real estate properties on their own. In your view, why should people opt for services of property asset management company like yours?

When people have multiple properties they will always be dependent on family members, local brokers, friends in city and developers to manage their properties. On top of it, if a loan is required, or management of leased commercial property, one needs to depend on multiple stakeholders to do documents, accounts and tax fillings. Props{AMC} brings software as a service (SaaS) model along with an assigned asset manager to the asset owner by integrating all requirements in one platform for a small annual fee. Thus helping the property owner to digitise and make his property accessible from anywhere.

What is the scope for property asset management in India at present?

Primarily, one needs to differentiate between property managers and software-based portfolio asset management.

There are many property managers who manage very large assets for single owners or a society which manage property’s leases, facility management, and other services. Another set of companies manage a handful of one location-based property management who does key management, leases, repair and management.

PropsAMC is a software-based portfolio management platform, largely manages a portfolio of properties for asset owners and asset managers through a tech-enabled software which specifically focuses on digitizing property details to give smart dashboard to establish the financial performance of any property without having physical presence or services offered at the premises of the property. The platform enables smart document keeping, income-expenses management, unconflicted transaction information, tax calculation, property ledger, smart marketing, comparison and domain expert services.

What PropsAMC offers to its customers?

1. Free Plan – one can become asset smart by adding their properties to quickly know their financial performance by adding their income-expense-purchase details and market value, just like and monitor on a regular basis

2. Elite Plan – one can use the software to create a property ledger, add family tree, get capital gains and a improved version of the free plan work flow management

3. Pro Plan – This is an upgraded version of Elite plan which includes document management, building details, lease management, micro market transactions, smart marketing tools and domain expert services

Only Pro Plan users can demand for asset managers who can help property owners on multiple issues related to their property

What makes it different from other real estate/property sites?

In India, property sites are mere listing sites which generate revenue out of broker subscription and advertising income. Property owners who want to sell or lease list their property, which becomes leads more for brokers than buyers/lessee. For a buyer or lessee, the whole process of title check, documentation is still non- assisted. PropsAMC comes in between where it attracts property owners to micro manage the asset through an intuitive dashboard with all management features and will be the first platform for buyers/lessee to not have the hassle for multiple checks since PropsAMC domains experts ensure full transparency and charge only the seller or lessor a 0.5% transaction fees

What kind of customers/clients you are catering to?

Presently our focus is B2B clients or HNI clients. We manage presently 35 HNIs with more than 120 assets and private banking enterprise clients – IIFL Wealth, Karvy Wealth, and Sanctum Wealth

What are the future plans of your company?

End Goal: The aggregation of owned properties together with our proprietary data and rating mechanism to showcase more than 5000 properties where buyers and investors can own full or fraction of one or portfolio properties. At the same time aggregate public information on an intuitive GIS platform for bringing high-level transparency on title and transactions in real estate.

Props{AMC} value proposition is to cut transaction time dramatically through better decision making through complied and insightful dashboard.

What has been the response to PropsAMC offerings so far? 

We manage presently 35 HNIs with more than 120 assets and private banking enterprise clients – IIFL Wealth, Karvy Wealth, Sanctum Wealth. We have interest from more than 12 firms into private wealth, lending, ARCs. On top of this our data platform in the last three months have 7000 searches done for property rights and transactions from valuators, law firms and international property consultants.