Should I continue with Mirae Asset India Equity Fund?

Should I continue with Mirae Asset India Equity Fund?

wealth2I am 24 years old and currently investing Rs 1,000 each in the following mutual funds for the last eight months:

Reliance Large Cap Fund
HDFC Small Cap Fund
SBI Small Cap Fund
L&T Midcap Fund
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund

I am investing with a horizon of 15+ years. I have an aggressive risk appetite. Do I need to modify or add any fund to my portfolio?

Note: I started investing in Mirae Asset India Equity Fund two months ago, without knowing about the change in name and category. Should I continue with this fund or sell it? Also, should I switch to a multi cap fund?
— Vijay Kiran

Raghvendra Nath, MD, Ladderup wealth management, responds: 

You have a very aggressive mutual fund portfolio. High exposure to small cap fund would mean high volatility in your portfolio. Since you have a long term investment horizon, do not get carried away by high volatility over the short term.

Regarding your investment in Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund, your interpretation is correct and you may go for another multi cap fund. You can replace it with Axis Multi Cap Fund.